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QuickTray Pitch Night Winner

Problem: Where do you put food when you eat in the car.

FauxStyle Furs (FINALIST)

Problem: Ski jackets on the market are all the same. You see the same blocky pattern throughout. The current design no longer appeals to the younger demographic.

GoGoggles (FINALIST)

Problem: Lab safety goggles worn for 15 minutes + lead to dents, headaches, and fogging. It can also lead to distraction and dangerous behaviors.


Problem: Participating in physical activity while overheated can be difficult and dangerous.

Sand Wizard (FINALIST)

Problem: After a fun beach day with the family, pesky sand gets into the most inconvenient and hard-to-reach places. It eventually gets scattered throughout your car, boat or home.

SimpleTee (FINALIST)

Problem: A messy golf bag means lost tees which causes stress and frustration while golfing.

Team Photos from 2022 Honors Business Incubator

2021 Pitch Night Video

In the News

Clasp & Co. has a nice article in The Sheridan. Check out the story!

The Bling Bag was sold on the Rogue Fitness Website in 2020.

Azalea Beauty Road Trip

Team Azalea visits Belle Aire Creations to test out scents for their beauty wipe product.

Pet Porter named National Quarterfinalist in 2021

Sip N Clip named National Quarterfinalist in 2020

Sip N Clip with the help of Bruce Edelson solved the problem of spilling a drink at your work station.

Bling Bag named National Semifinalist in 2019

Bling Bag, with the help of Tom Auer, solved the problem of where to put your jewerly when you attend practice.

Zippity Towel

Here is an example of a workstation in Honors Incubator.

Introduction to Business Commercials

Here are some really fun Commercials from Introduction to Business.

Freshman Advisory Presentation

Please check out the Applied Arts presentation HERE.

Freshman & Sophomore Course Offering: Introduction to Business

Business Classes for Junior & Senior Year

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  • Honors Incubator (highly recommend for juniors, 95 Students, 20 Mentors, 24 Teams)

  • Honors Accounting (highly recommend for seniors)

  • Accounting (highly recommend for seniors)

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  • Consumer Economics

  • Investing

  • Marketing